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class EventBus
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class? RuntimeException
enum DatabaseLocation
This enum represents the locat ion for BibDatabaseContext .
interface DatabaseSynchronizer
class CoarseChangeFilter
Filters change events and only relays major changes.
class BibDatabase
A bibliography database. This is the "bib" file (or the lib rary stored in a shared S...
class BibDatabaseContext
Represents everything related to a BIB file. The entries ar e stored in BibDatabase, ...
enum BibDatabaseMode
An enum which contains the pos sible BibDatabase Modes.Possi ble are BibTeX and biblat...
class BibDatabaseModeDetection
class BibDatabases
class KeyChangeListener
class KeyCollisionException
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search fo r a builder as described ...
class BibtexString
This class models a BibTex Str ing ("@String")
class MetaData
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class Logger
LOGGERbibtexStrings 0..* entries 0..* eventBusdatabasedbmsListenerdbmsSynchronizerlocationmetaDatadatabase