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class? Comparator
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class? TreeSet
class MainTableColumnModel
Represents the full internal n ame of a column in the main t able. Consists of two par...
enum SearchDisplayMode
Collects the possible search m odes
class Theme
Installs the style file and pr ovides live reloading. JabRef provides two inbuilt the...
class GlobalCitationKeyPattern
interface PreviewLayout
Used for displaying a rendered entry in the UI. Due to hist orical reasons, "renderin...
class Version
Represents the Application Ver sion with the major and minor number, the full Version...
enum BibDatabaseMode
An enum which contains the pos sible BibDatabase Modes.Possi ble are BibTeX and biblat...
interface Field
class AppearancePreferences
class CustomImportList
Collection of user defined cus tom import formats. The colle ction can be stored and r...
class ExportComparator
class ExternalApplicationsPreferences
class FilePreferences
class GeneralPreferences
class ImportExportPreferences
class JabRefPreferences
class JabRefPreferencesFilter
class LastFocusedTabPreferences
enum NewLineSeparator
An enum which contains the pos sible NewLineSeperators Possi ble are CR ("\n"), LF ("\...
interface PreferencesService
class PreviewPreferences
class SearchPreferences
class VersionPreferences
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class Logger
themeLOGGERprefsdefaultBibDatabaseModenewLineSeparatorLOGGERcustomImportsentryEditorTabList 0..* 0..* globalCitationKeyPatternglobalThememainTableColumnSortOrder 0..* previewPreferencessingletonpreferencespreferencespreviewCycle 0..* searchDisplayModeignoredVersion