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Package org.jabref.gui.autocompleter

class AppendPersonNamesStrategy
class AppendWordsStrategy
enum AutoCompleteFirstNameMode
For "ONLY_FULL", the auto completer returns the full name, e.g. "Smith,...
class AutoCompletePreferences
interface AutoCompleteSuggestionProvider
class AutoCompleteUpdater
Ensures that suggestion providers are up to date when entries are chang...
class AutoCompletionInput
interface AutoCompletionStrategy
class AutoCompletionTextInputBinding
Represents a binding between a text input control and a auto-completion...
class BibEntrySuggestionProvider
Delivers possible completions as a list of BibEntry based on their cite...
class ContentSelectorSuggestionProvider
Enriches a suggestion provider by a given set of content selector values.
class FieldValueSuggestionProvider
Stores the full content of one field.
class JournalsSuggestionProvider
class PersonNameStringConverter
class PersonNameSuggestionProvider
Delivers possible completions as a list of Author s.
class ReplaceStrategy
class StringSuggestionProvider
abstract class SuggestionProvider
This is a simple implementation of a generic suggestion provider callba...
class SuggestionProviders
class WordSuggestionProvider
Stores all words in the given field which are separated by SEPARATING_C...
interface UNKNOWN
class? StringConverter
class AutoCompletionBinding
interface Callback
firstNameModesuggestionProvidersinputAnalyzersuggestionProviderautoCompleteFirstNameModeproviders 0..*