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Package org.jabref.gui.journals

class AbbreviateAction
Converts journal full names to either iso or medline abbreviations for ...
enum AbbreviationType
Defines the different abbreviation types that JabRef can operate with.
class AbbreviationViewModel
This class provides a view model for abbreviation objects which can als...
class AbbreviationsFileViewModel
This class provides a model for abbreviation files. It actually doesn't...
class ManageJournalAbbreviationsView
This class controls the user interface of the journal abbreviations dia...
class ManageJournalAbbreviationsViewModel
This class provides a model for managing journal abbreviation lists. It...
class ManageJournalsAction
class UndoableAbbreviator
class UndoableUnabbreviator
abstract class SimpleCommand
A simple command that does not track progress of the action.
class AbstractViewModel
class BaseDialog
abbreviationTypeabbreviations 0..* viewModelabbreviations 0..* journalFiles 0..* abbreviationType