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Package org.jabref.gui.push

abstract class AbstractPushToApplication
Abstract class for pushing entries into different editors.
interface PushToApplication
Class that defines interaction with an external application in the form...
class PushToApplicationAction
An Action class representing the process of invoking a PushToApplicatio...
class PushToApplicationSettings
class PushToApplicationsManager
class PushToEmacs
class PushToEmacsSettings
class PushToLyx
class PushToLyxSettings
class PushToTeXstudio
class PushToTexmaker
Class for pushing entries into TexMaker.
class PushToVim
class PushToVimSettings
class PushToWinEdt
abstract class SimpleCommand
A simple command that does not track progress of the action.
applicationapplicationactionapplications 0..*