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Package org.jabref.logic.bibtex.comparator

class BibDatabaseDiff
class BibEntryDiff
class BibStringDiff
class BibtexStringComparator
class CrossRefEntryComparator
Compares Bibtex entries based on their 'crossref' fields. Entries inclu...
class EntryComparator
This implementation of Comparator takes care of most of the details of ...
class FieldComparator
A comparator for BibEntry fields
class FieldComparatorStack
This class represents a list of comparators. The first Comparator takes...
class GroupDiff
class IdComparator
Comparator for sorting BibEntry objects based on their ID. This can be ...
class MetaDataDiff
class PreambleDiff
interface Comparator
bibStringDiffs 0..* entryDiffs 0..*