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Package org.jabref.logic.exporter

class AtomicFileOutputStream
A file output stream that is similar to the standard FileOutputStream ,...
class AtomicFileWriter
Writer that similar to the built-in java.io.FileWriter but uses the Ato...
abstract class BibDatabaseWriter
class BibTeXMLExporter
Export format for the BibTeXML format.
class BibtexDatabaseWriter
abstract class Exporter
class ExporterFactory
class GroupSerializer
class MSBibExporter
TemplateExporter for exporting in MSBIB XML format.
class MetaDataSerializer
class ModsExporter
TemplateExporter for exporting in MODS XML format.
class OOCalcDatabase
class OpenDocumentRepresentation
class OpenDocumentSpreadsheetCreator
class OpenOfficeDocumentCreator
class SaveException
Exception thrown if saving goes wrong. If caused by a specific entry, k...
class SavePreferences
class TemplateExporter
Base class for export formats based on templates.
class XmpExporter
A custom exporter to write bib entries to a .xmp file for further proce...
class XmpPdfExporter
class? Exception
class? OutputStreamWriter
class? FilterOutputStream
preferencesexporters 0..* BACKUP_CREATIONsavePreferences