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Package org.jabref.model.entry

class Author
This is an immutable class that keeps information regarding single auth...
class AuthorListParser
class BibEntry
Represents a BibTex / BibLaTeX entry. In case you search for a builder ...
class BibEntryType
class BibEntryTypeBuilder
class BibEntryTypesManager
class BibtexString
This class models a BibTex String ("@String")
class CanonicalBibEntry
class Date
class EntryConverter
Converts Entry models from BibTex to biblatex and back.
class EntryLinkList
class FileFieldParser
class FileFieldWriter
class IdGenerator
IDs are at least 8 digit long. The lowest ID is 00000000, the next woul...
class Keyword
Represents a keyword in a chain of keywords. For example, "JabRef" in "...
class LinkedFile
Represents the link to an external file (e.g. associated PDF file). Thi...
enum Month
Represents a Month of the Year.
class ParsedEntryLink
class SharedBibEntryData
Stores all information needed to manage entries on a shared (SQL) datab...
interface Serializable
abstract class ChainNode
Represents a node in a chain. We view a chain as a vertical hierarchy a...
interface Comparable
interface Cloneable