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Module activation
The JavaBeans(TM) Activation F ramework is used by the JavaM ail(TM) API to manage MIM...
Module batik-transcoder
Batik SVG transcoder
Module beansbinding
Mavenized build for Beans Bind ing from https://beansbinding'.
Module bsh
BeanShell is a small, free, em beddable Java source interpre ter with object scripting...
Module checkstyle
Checkstyle is a development to ol to help programmers write Java code that adheres to...
Module commons-beanutils
Apache Commons BeanUtils provi des an easy-to-use but flexib le wrapper around reflect...
Module commons-codec
The Apache Commons Codec packa ge contains simple encoder an d decoders for various fo...
Module commons-io
The Apache Commons IO library contains utility classes, str eam implementations, file...
Module commons-math3
The Apache Commons Math projec t is a library of lightweight , self-contained mathemat...
Module core
Core barcode encoding/decoding library
Module gson
Module guava
Guava is a suite of core and e xpanded libraries that includ e utility classes, google...
Module jSerialComm
A platform-independent serial communications library for Ja va.
Module javase
Java SE-specific extensions to core ZXing library
Module javassist
Javassist (JAVA programming AS SISTant) makes Java bytecode manipulation simple. It i...
Module jaxb-api
Module jaxb-core
Old JAXB Core module. Contains sources required by XJC, JXC and Runtime modules with...
Module jaxb-impl
Old JAXB Runtime module. Conta ins sources required for runt ime processing.
Module jaxws-api
Module jcodec-javase
Pure Java implementation of vi deo/audio codecs and formats
Module jgoodies-forms
The JGoodies Forms framework h elps you lay out and implemen t elegant Swing panels qu...
Module junit
JUnit is a unit testing framew ork for Java, created by Eric h Gamma and Kent Beck.
Module jython-standalone
Jython is an implementation of the high-level, dynamic, obj ect-oriented language Pyt...
Module l2fprod-properties-editor
Provides a Swing component for editing properties in a tabl e.
Module onvif-java-lib
Module opencv
OpenCV packaged with native li braries and loader for multip le platforms.
Module openpnp-capture-java
OpenPnP Capture Java with all binaries included, packaged f or Maven.
Module openpnp-gui
476 classes
Module webcam-capture
This library allows you to use your PC webcam, IP or networ k cameras directly from J...
Module utils
Open source (GPL) Java utiliti es maintained by Stephen Oste rmiller with help from ma...
Module slf4j-log4j12
SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding
Module simple-xml
Simple is a high performance X ML serialization and configur ation framework for Java
Module swingx-all
A Maven project to aggregate a ll modules into a single arti fact.
Module xalan
Xalan-Java is an XSLT processo r for transforming XML docume nts into HTML, text, or o...
Module tinylog
Lightweight logging framework for Java and Android
Module pastebin4j
Implementation of the PasteBin public API..
Module unirest-java
Simplified, lightweight HTTP c lient library