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class Point
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class ActionListener
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class MouseAdapter
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class AffineTransform
class JobPanel
class MainFrame
The main window of the applica tion.
class CameraView
class MultiPlacementBoardLocationProcess
Guides the user through the mu lti-placement board location operation using step by s...
class RegionOfInterestProcess
Guides the user through the th ree point region of interest operation using step by s...
class BoardLocation
class Location
A Location is a an immutable 3 D point in X, Y, Z space with a rotation component. Th...
class Placement
A Placement describes a locati on on a Board where a Part wi ll be placed, along with ...
class RegionOfInterest
interface Camera
Represents a Camera attached t o the system and allows a cal ler to retrieve images fr...
boardLocationcameracancelActionListenerexpectedLocations 0..* jobPanelmainFrameplacements 0..* savedPlacementTransformcameracameraViewcancelActionListenerlocationClickedListenermainFramemouseLastPosregionOfInterest