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class? PropertyChangeListener
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class AbstractTableModel
class JobPlacementsPanel
class PercentConverter
class BoardLocationsTableModel
class FeedersTableModel
class FootprintTableModel
class HeadsTableModel
class PackagesTableModel
class PadsTableModel
class PartsTableModel
class PlacementsTableModel
class Board
A Board describes the physical properties of a PCB and has a list of Placements that...
class BoardLocation
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class Configuration
class Footprint
A Footprint is a group of SMD pads along with length unit i nformation. Footprints ca...
class Job
A Job specifies a list of one or more BoardLocations.
class Package
class Part
A Part is a single part that c an be picked and placed. It h as a graphical outline, i...
interface Feeder
A Feeder is an abstraction tha t represents any type of part source. It can be a tape...
interface Head
A Head is a movable group of c omponents attached to a Machi ne. Components which can ...
configurationjobconfigurationfeeders 0..* footprintconfigurationheads 0..* configurationpackages 0..* boardconfigurationparts 0..* percentConverterboardboardLocationconfigurationjobPlacementsPanel