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class AffineTransform
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class? PropertyChangeListener
abstract class AbstractModelObject
class Board
A Board describes the physical properties of a PCB and has a list of Placements that...
class BoardLocation
class BoardPad
interface Fiducial
A Fiducial is an identifying m ark on a Board that can be us ed to identify the offset...
class Footprint
A Footprint is a group of SMD pads along with length unit i nformation. Footprints ca...
interface Identifiable
class Job
A Job specifies a list of one or more BoardLocations.
class Length
enum LengthUnit
class Location
A Location is a an immutable 3 D point in X, Y, Z space with a rotation component. Th...
enum MassUnit
interface Named
class Package
abstract class Pad
class Panel
class Part
A Part is a single part that c an be picked and placed. It h as a graphical outline, i...
class Placement
A Placement describes a locati on on a Board where a Part wi ll be placed, along with ...
class Point
class Rectangle
class RegionOfInterest
interface NozzleTip
A NozzleTip is the physical in terface between a Nozzle and a Part.
dimensionsfiducials 0..* placements 0..* solderPastePads 0..* boardlocationplacementTransformlocationpadunitsboardLocations 0..* panels 0..* unitsunitscompatibleNozzleTips 0..* footprintunitsfiducials 0..* xGapheightUnitspackaglocationpartlowerLeftCorner