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class Recommend

Responds to a GET request to /recommend/[userID](?howMany=n)(&offset=o)(&considerKnownItems=c)(&rescorerParams=...) Results are recommended items for the user, along with a score. Outputs contain item and score pairs, where the score is an opaque value where higher values mean a better recommendation. offset is an offset into the entire list of results; howMany is the desirednumber of results to return from there. For example, offset=30 and howMany=5 will cause the implementation to retrieve 35 results internally and output the last 5. If howMany is not specified, defaults to 10. offset defaults to 0. considerKnownItems causes items that the user has interacted with to beeligible to be returned as recommendations. It defaults to false , meaning that these previously interacted-with items are not returned in recommendations. If the user is not known to the model, a response is generated. Default output is CSV format, containing id,value per line.JSON format can also be selected by an appropriate Accept header. It returnsan array of recommendations, each of which has an "id" and "value" entry, like [{"id":"I2","value":0.141348009071816},...]
Class fields and methods
class Recommend
Responds to a GET request to /recommend/[userID](?howMany=n)(&offset=o...
method get(userID,howMany,offset,considerKnownItems,rescorerParams)