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abstract class AbstractKMeansEvaluation
class ClusterMetric
class DaviesBouldinIndex
class DunnIndex
enum KMeansEvalStrategy
Evaluation metrics for k-means clustering.
class KMeansUpdate
Update function that builds an d evaluates k-means models in the Batch Layer.
class SilhouetteCoefficient
class SumSquaredError
class ClusterInfo
Encapsulates a cluster, includ ing its center and number of points assigned to the cl...
interface DistanceFn
A function that returns a dist ance between things.
class InputSchema
Represents the essential schem a information needed for some learning problems.
abstract class MLUpdate
A specialization of BatchLayer Update for machine learning-o rientedupdate processes. ...
interface HyperParamValues
Encapsulates a range or set of values for a hyperparameter, from which a subset can ...
Interfaceno source
interface Serializable
clusters 0..* distanceFnevaluationStrategyhyperParamValues 0..* inputSchema