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abstract class Prediction
Subclasses represent the predi cted value of the target.
abstract class Decision
Subclasses represent a binary yes/no positive/negative deci sion based on the value o...
class DecisionForest
An ensemble classifier based o n many DecisionTree s.
class DecisionNode
Represents an internal node in a DecisionTree , which encap sulates a binary decision...
class DecisionTree
A decision-tree classifier. Gi ven a set of training Example s, builds a model by ran...
class TerminalNode
Represents a leaf node in a De cisionTree , which contains a Prediction for a targetr...
interface TreeBasedClassifier
Base interface for decision-tr ee-based classifiers in this package, whether they be ...
abstract class TreeNode
Implementations of this interf ace represent nodes in a Deci sionTree , whether leaves...
class TreePath
Encapsulates a path from root to a node in the tree.
Interfaceno source
interface Serializable
no source
class? Comparable
trees 0..* decisionleftrootpredictionEMPTY