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abstract class AbstractSpeedModelManager
Convenience implementation of SpeedModelManager that provid es default implementations.
interface SpeedModel
Interface that all Speed Layer in-memory models implement.
interface FeatureVectors
Encapsulates a feature vectors , keyed by an ID, and associa ted data structures. This...
class SolverCache
A cache around a Solver that m anages computing it when nece ssary from FeatureVectors...
class ALSSpeedModel
Contains all data structures n eeded to create near-real-tim e updates for an ALS-base...
class ALSSpeedModelManager
Implementation of com.cloudera .oryx.api.speed.SpeedModelMan ager that maintains andup...
class UserItemStrength
Represents a user ID, item ID and a strength of interaction between them.
class AutoReadWriteLock
Makes a ReadWriteLock that can return AutoLock s and expose s #autoReadLock() and #au...
class RateLimitCheck
A utility that exposes a #test () method which returns true first, and thenreturn fal...
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interface Serializable