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class AutoLock
Makes a Lock into an AutoClose able for use with try-with-re sources: Lock lock = ...;...
class AutoReadWriteLock
Makes a ReadWriteLock that can return AutoLock s and expose s #autoReadLock() and #au...
class ClassUtils
Class -related utility method s.
class ExecUtils
Utility methods for executing tasks in parallel, possibly r eturning a result and pos...
class JVMUtils
JVM-related utility methods.
class LoggingCallable
A Callable that logs errors th rown from #call() . Useful in cases where it would oth...
class OryxShutdownHook
Intended for use with Runtime# addShutdownHook(Thread) or si milar mechanisms, this is...
class RateLimitCheck
A utility that exposes a #test () method which returns true first, and thenreturn fal...
interface ToDoubleObjDoubleBiFunction
Analogous to both java.util.fu nction.ToDoubleBiFunction and java.util.function.ObjDo...
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class? AutoCloseable
no source
class? Runnable
no source
class? Callable
no source
class? Lock
no source
class? ReadWriteLock