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interface BatchLayerUpdate
Implementations of this interf ace define the update process for an instance of the b...
abstract class AbstractSparkLayer
Encapsulates commonality betwe en Spark-based layer processe s, com.cloudera.oryx.lamb...
class BatchLayer
Main entry point for Oryx Batc h Layer.
class BatchUpdateFunction
Framework for executing the ba tch layer update, and storing data to persistent stora...
class SaveToHDFSFunction
Function that saves RDDs to HD FS -- only if they're non emp ty, to prevent creation o...
class ScalaBatchLayerUpdateAdapter
Adapts a ScalaBatchLayerUpdate to be a Java BatchLayerUpdat e .
class ValueToWritableFunction
Translates a key and message v alue object into Writable s e ncapsulating the same val...
class ValueWritableConverter
Utility class that automatical ly converts a value object to and from a given, corres...
class WritableToValueFunction
Translates a key and message i n Writable s format to value objects.