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interface TopicProducer
Wraps access to a message topi c Producer , including logic to instantiate the object...
interface ServingModelManager
Implementations of this interf ace maintain, in memory, the current state of a model ...
interface CloseableIterator
Implementations are Iterator s that are also Closeable .
class CSVMessageBodyWriter
A MessageBodyWriter that can p roduce CSV ( text/csv ). If g iven an Iterable , produc...
class ErrorResource
Constructs a simple HTML error page from error info in the request. This is intended...
class InMemoryRealm
Adapted from Tomcat's org.apac he.catalina.realm.MemoryRealm . This implementation of...
class ModelManagerListener
ServletContextListener that i nitializes a ServingModelMana ger at webapp startup tim...
class OryxApplication
The single JAX-RS app for the serving-layer.
class OryxExceptionMapper
Maps OryxServingException type s to an HTTP Response .
class ScalaServingModelManagerAdapter
Adapts a ScalaServingModelMana ger to be a Java ServingModel Manager .
class ServingLayer
Top-level implementation of th e Serving Layer process.
class TopicProducerImpl
Wraps access to a Kafka messag e topic Producer .
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interface Closeable