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interface DataHolder
class NullableDataKey
interface CharPredicate
Interface for set of character s to use for inclusion exclus ion tests Can be used for...
interface BasedOptionsHolder
Implemented by BasedOptionsSeq uence, use instance of it to pass to BasedSequence#of(...
class BasedOptionsSequence
A BasedSequence with offset tr acking that follows editing o perations and subSequence...
interface BasedSequence
A CharSequence that references original char sequence with offsets into original pre...
abstract class BasedSequenceImpl
Implementation of BaseSequence
interface BasedUtils
class CharSubSequence
A CharSequence that references original char[] a subSequenc e() returns a sub-sequenc...
class Escaping
class Html5Entities
interface IRichSequence
A CharSequence that provides a rich set of manipulation met hods. NOTE: '\0' changed ...
abstract class IRichSequenceBase
An abstract base for RichSeque nce which implements most of the methods allowing subc...
interface LineAppendable
Used to collect line text for further processing control ou tput of new lines limitin...
class LineAppendableImpl
class LineInfo
Line information in LineAppend able
class MappedBasedSequence
A BasedSequence which maps cha racters according to CharMapp er
class MappedRichSequence
A CharSequence that maps chara cters according to CharMapper
interface MappedSequence
A CharSequence that maps chara cters according to CharMapper
class PlaceholderReplacer
Used to replace placeholder te xt in the form of open/close char such as <text>...
enum PositionAnchor
class PrefixedSubSequence
A BasedSequence with an out of scope of original char seque nce prefix a subSequence(...
class Range
class RepeatedSequence
CharSequence that repeats in a wraparound the given sequenc e. Partial repeat occurs ...
interface ReplacedBasedSequence
Interface implemented by seque nces which do not contain con tiguous base characters f...
class ReplacedTextMapper
Class which tracks text replac ements to provide original of fset from modified offset...
class ReplacedTextRegion
interface RichSequence
class RichSequenceImpl
A RichSequence implementation NOTE: '\0' changed to '\uFFFD ' use com.vladsch.flexmar...
abstract class SegmentedSequence
A BasedSequence which consists of segments of other BasedSe quences
class SegmentedSequenceFull
A BasedSequence which consists of segments of other BasedSe quences NOTE: very effici...
class SegmentedSequenceTree
A BasedSequence which consists of segments of other BasedSe quences NOTE: very effici...
interface SequenceUtils
class SubSequence
A BasedSequence implementation which wraps original CharSeq uence to provide a BasedS...
class TagRange
interface ISequenceBuilder
class SegmentTree
Binary search tree of sequence segments
interface CharMapper
Interfaceno source
interface Appendable
Interfaceno source
interface CharSequence
Interfaceno source
interface Comparable
Interfaceno source
interface Iterable
SEGMENTED_STATSoptionsEMPTYbaseAMP_BACKSLASH_SETappendablelines 0..* NULLbaseSeqmapperbasemapperbaseEMPTYNULLoriginalparentregions 0..* baseEMPTY_ARRAY 0..* baseSeqsegmentTreeANY_EOL_SETbaseSeq