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Module HikariCP
Ultimate JDBC Connection Pool
Module asm
ASM, a very small and fast Jav a bytecode manipulation frame work
Module commons-compress
Apache Commons Compress softwa re defines an API for working with compression and arc...
Module commons-net
Apache Commons Net library con tains a collection of network utilities and protocol i...
Module config
configuration library for JVM languages using HOCON files
Module graphhopper-api
Module graphhopper-core
Module graphhopper-reader-osm
Module gt-api
The api module contains the Ge oTools public interfaces that are used by other GeoToo...
Module gt-epsg-hsql
Connection to an embedded EPSG database in HSQL format. Thi s database is built from ...
Module gt-geojson
Provides GeoJSON Encoding and Parsing support.
Module gt-main
The main module contains the G eoTools public interfaces tha t are used by other GeoTo...
Module jackson-datatype-jts
Add-on module for Jackson (htt p:// to support JTS geometry type...
Module javax.annotation-api
Common Annotations for the Jav aTM Platform API
Module javax.servlet-api
Java Servlet API
Module jaxb-api
Module jaxb-runtime
JAXB (JSR 222) Reference Imple mentation
Module jbrotli
Java bindings for Brotli: a ne w compression algorithm for t he internet.
Module jgrapht-core
JGraphT Core
Module json
JSON is a light-weight, langua ge independent, data intercha nge format. See http://ww...
Module jsonassert
A library to develop RESTful b ut flexible APIs
Module jts
The JTS Topology Suite is an A PI for modelling and manipula ting 2-dimensional linear...
Module junit
JUnit is a unit testing framew ork for Java, created by Eric h Gamma and Kent Beck.
Module log4j-1.2-api
The Apache Log4j 1.x Compatibi lity API
Module log4j-api
The Apache Log4j API
Module log4j-core
The Apache Log4j Implementatio n
Module openrouteservice
500 classes
Module trove4j
The Trove library provides hig h speed regular and primitive collections for Java.
Module postgresql
Java JDBC 4.2 (JRE 8+) driver for PostgreSQL database
Module spring-boot-starter-tomcat
Starter for using Tomcat as th e embedded servlet container. Default servlet containe...
Module spring-boot-starter-web
Starter for building web, incl uding RESTful, applications u sing Spring MVC. Uses Tom...
Module springfox-swagger2
JSON API documentation for spr ing based applications
Module springfox-swagger-ui
JSON API documentation for spr ing based applications
Module openrouteservice-api-tests
Module rest-assured
Java DSL for easy testing of R EST services
Module slf4j-log4j12
SLF4J LOG4J-12 Binding
Module spring-boot-starter-parent