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class IntHashSet
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class IntObjectMap
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class AbstractRoutingAlgorithm
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interface EdgeFilter
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class FlagEncoder
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class TraversalMode
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class Weighting
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class Graph
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class GraphHopperStorage
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class NodeAccess
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class SPTEntry
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class LocationIndex
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class EdgeExplorer
abstract class AbstractEccentricity
Superclass for eccentricity ca lculations. Stores and orders references to eccentrici...
abstract class AbstractIsochroneAlgorithm
Calculates an isochrone using a partitioned and graph. The algorithm works in 3 phas...
abstract class AbstractIsochroneDijkstra
calculates maximum range (ecce ntricity) within a cell.
class ActiveCellDijkstra
Calculates shortest paths with in an active isochrones cell. Starts from a given set ...
class CellAndBorderNodeFilter
Allows all edges within a give n cell AND all edges to borde rnodes
class Contour
Calculates Outlines (Contour) of cells. Contours are concav e hulls of a given set of...
class CoreRangeDijkstra
Single-source shortest path al gorithm bound by isochrone li mit.
class Eccentricity
Eccentricity implementation. C alculates the maximum value o f all shortest paths with...
class FastIsochroneAlgorithm
Implementation of Fast Isochro nes
class FixedCellEdgeFilter
EdgeFilter to stay within cell .
class RangeDijkstra
calculates maximum range (ecce ntricity) within a cell.
class CellStorage
Stores nodes ordered by cell a nd contours of cells.
class IsochroneNodeStorage
Storage that maps nodeIds to t heir respective cells and bor derness.
class BorderNodeDistanceStorage
Stores distances of bordernode s in a cell.
class EccentricityStorage
Stores eccentricities of cell border nodes for fast isochro nes. Eccentricities are w...
borderNodeDistanceStorages 0..* cellStorageeccentricityStorages 0..* ghStorageisochroneNodeStorageadditionalEdgeFilterborderNodeDistanceStoragecellStorageeccentricityStorageflagEncodergraphisochroneNodeStoragenodeAccessoutEdgeExplorertraversalModeweightingcurrEdgefromMapisochroneNodeStoragecellStorageghStorageisochroneNodeStoragenodeAccessborderNodeDistanceStorageisochroneNodeStoragelocationIndexstartCellMapisochroneNodeStoragecellNodes